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Popular Dating Methods Both the K-Ar and Rb-Sr methods make use of radioactive decay of a parent isotope to a stable daughter isotope. Leeman, "Late Cenozoic Alkali-Rich Basalt from the Western Grand Canyon Area, Utah and Arizona: Isotopic Composition of Strontium," Geological Society of America Bulletin, 85 (Nov. Six analyses of Uinkaret Plateau basalts (U-33, U-35, U-59, U-24, U-43, U-58) were used.

Potassium-40 (Rb has occurred since the rock cooled from the lava flow.

Absolute dating of the time of deposition of sedimentary rocks is an important problem, but one that is very difficult to solve.

Accurate dates depend on thorough re-setting of isotopic clocks.

The analytical equipment used to determine the abundances of isotopes is more accurate in determining ratios of isotopes than their absolute abundances.

Therefore, Sr as the y-axis would allow the isotope ratios of all rocks in a lava flow to be plotted. Damon, "K-Ar Age of Lava Dam in the Grand Canyon," Geological Society of America Bulletin, 79 (Jan.

The age assignment of these strata in the eastern Gulf Coastal Plain is difficult due to the comparative lack of radiometrically datable beds and sometimes conflicting results of biostratigraphy using different taxonomic groups.

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That is a good question, which ordinarily requires a lengthy and technical answer. In principle, sedimentary rocks may be divided into two groups according to the nature of the Rb-bearing phase present.Allogenic (detrital) minerals are moderately resistant to open-system behaviour during burial metamorphism, but problems arise from inherited isotopic signatures.The Rb-Sr ratios in various rock samples from the same lava flow might differ, but all should plot as a straight line on the graph if the lava was isotopically homogeneous (each rock sample had the same initial Sr ratio) and each rock remained closed to gain or loss of rubidium and strontium since crystallization. In the ideal case, multiple samples from the same lava flow should plot perfectly along a line with slope e Ar give lines whose slopes supposedly reflect the ages of lava flows.

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